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Students wishing to apply should visit the Faculté des Sciences de la Vie website, where all pratical information concerning applications is supplied.


The 3 courses of the Master

This website is shared by three courses of the Master of Life Sciences previously grouped in the speciality Integrated Molecular and Cellular Biology : Biology and Molecular Genetics (BGM), Immunology and Inflammation (II), Molecular genetics of Development and Stem Cells (GMDCS).
These three courses share teaching units in molecular biology, genetics and cell biology. It provides opportunities for students to assimilate a wide range of techniques and strategies to understand all the dynamic aspects of the expression, localization, assembly and function of biomolecules in their cellular context. This knowledge will enable students to better understand the cellular interactions in different physiological processes, especially those governing the immune response and embryonic development.

The thee courses are described in Lectures.


Past students, professors and a laboratory manager have happily shared their experiences in video interviews conducted by LPATC students.

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If you're interested in offering our masters students a first or second year internship, you have to register by filling out a simple form that will allow us to best present your laboratory on our website.


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Our program includes a 7 week internship for M1 students and a 9 month internship for M2 students (first 4 months part-time during M2S3 courses and the last 5 full-time during M2S4).
To post an internship via our secure laboratory area, register via our quick sign up form and submit an internship for review.